Holiday Humor.

Hello from not-so-sunny Los Angeles! Despite the clouds this morning, I'm so happy to be home. The time difference (a whopping three hours) has messed a bit with my blogging schedule today, but I couldn't let the afternoon go by without posting these amazingly funny holiday cards by artist Nicola Rowlands. (Nicola makes the "pocket man friends" that Joanna blogged about in October.)

In case it's hard to read, this one says, "Happy holidays to you and your horrible little dog,"

while this one introduces us to Geoff, "a rabbit who loves the Christmas spirit."

"Here," says this jolly, carp-wielding gentleman, "I didn't wrap it."

Lastly, these pillow ornaments feature cats craving tacos. Incredible.

See more at Nicola's Etsy shop, here


  1. Have fun at home! You escaped the cold in NYC just in time!

  2. Thanks, Melissa! Yes, I'm very happy to be in 60-degree CA!



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