A Little Break.

A slight change in plans: after a lovely and very relaxing Christmas, I've decided - like many of my blogger friends - to take this week off. (Just a little break, not so much from blogging, but from computers in general.) I'll be back January 2nd, and I can't wait to see you all then!

In the meantime, a few links in case you're looking for something to read:

1. New York Magazine dining critic Adam Platt lists the 101 best restaurants in New York City. Guess how many I've been to? Six! Seems I've got a lot of work to do.

2. "The Moment's Best in Design." So much great stuff - I love those colorful dining room chairs.

3. Philip Bump of The Atlantic figures that Santa Claus would have to visit over six-thousand kids per second on Christmas Eve. Whew.

See you all very soon!

Vintage blocks photo via bellalulu on Etsy. (Sadly, they've been sold.)


  1. I want to try more of those restaurants too. Let's go to at least five next year!

  2. Yes! I would love that. Let's make it one of our New Years resolutions! :)

  3. Love the links. I've gotta pick up the New York Magazine issue. Thanks for the tip!

  4. Do you used to live in Hawaii? Must be nice living out there..! Hope you'll have a great new year and glad to find your blog at the end of this year :) xo akiko
    Style Imported

  5. Noe - No problem! Happy eating!

    Akiko - Yes, my family lived in Hawaii for several years - we loved it! So happy you found me, too, and that I discovered your blog as a result! xoxo!

  6. rest is best. :) That heart on the tree with the dog... makes me smile soooo much and long for a dog of my own again...sooo sweet! xo

  7. Love the blocks. Hope your week was restful! Happy 2012!



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