A few summer highlights, according to Instagram: first and foremost, moving into a new apartment (below, Charlie captures Jamie and me on our roof, which doesn't quite look like this - yet);

an epic pie tasting (twenty total!) and my dad's long-awaited visit to Brooklyn;

random adventuring with friends, and face paint, and middle-of-the-night trips to Midtown swimming pools; 

and an epic - and completely spontaneous - weekend upstate, which included wild blueberry picking, a stop at Dia:Beacon, and a cliff jump that almost didn't happen (Megan and I deliberated for a long time before taking the leap).

I'll be back with a new POV post on Monday; in the meantime, have a very happy weekend! What are your plans? (Also, on a side note: today's post is my 500th on Sho & Tell. Thank you so much for your support, friendship, and incredible kindness along the way - it's meant the world to me!)

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