Cosmic Confection.

After this disastrous (but well-intentioned) experiment, I was convinced that spherical cake baking was all but impossible; baker Rhiannon of the blog Cakecrumbs has proven me (very, very) wrong. She's the wizard behind this spectacular confection, modeled after the planet Jupiter, complete with Great Red Spot and a layer of blue hydrogen.

Rhiannon writes, "I detailed the atmosphere of Jupiter by covering the cake with ivory marshmallow fondant, then dry brushing a combination of ivory, brown and maroon edible ink...Once all the base colours were down I started removing colour to create the storms or other distinguishing features and topping it off with highlights. The whole process took about 8 hours with teeny tiny brushes."

In the words of one enthusiastic commenter, "I WOULD EAT THIS WITH MY BARE HANDS THIS IS MAGNIFICENT." See the full post on Cakecrumbs, here. Happy Wednesday!

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