Four Faces.

Four faces that caught my eye this week: a bearded man pillow from Williamsburg-based designers Species by the Thousands (I also love their gold moon phase earrings),

a courtship captured in ceramic by Michelle Christensen,

and a vintage Humphrey hanger by Henderson Hoggard (say that ten times fast). 

I wonder, would a closet full of hanger faces be overkill for my new apartment? I'd love a collection of classic rock musicians - imagine Marc Bolan holding up a sequined dress, or Keith Richards wearing a silk kimono. If only I were a more enthusiastic (not to mention better-skilled) crafter...


  1. Those artsy hangers would be especially fun on one of those exposed metal racks. But you're right, it might be overwhelming if it wasn't sparse. Really cool, though!

  2. Ha! That bearded man pillow makes me laugh. If anyone could hold up a sequin dress and look cool, it would be Marc Bolan.

  3. love that pillow!

  4. Do it. Closet full of classic rock musicians = awesome.



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