Fiction & Fromage.

For literature lovers and dairy devotees (and who among us isn't at least one of the two?), an article that pairs various types of cheese with literary equals. There's Tom Robbins's "raunchy" yet "unmistakably delicious" taleggio, and Virginia Woolf's Bayley Hazen Blue ("it's a mix of narratives - the Mrs. Dalloway of cheeses, if you will"). 

For Amelia Gray, there's a sheep's milk concoction studded with flowers and herbs; for Joyce Carol Oates, there's Humbolt Fog. Says author and cheese enthusiast Freddie Moore, "In the gourmet cheese canon, it's like the inevitable English class discussion of 'Where Are You Going, Where Have You Been.'" Wow.

Read more at The Airship, here. Found via The Paris Review.

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