Edible Bouquets.

For a long time, I've kept lavender and rosemary in mason jars around my room; however, these edible bouquets, photographed by Kim Lightbody for Cereal Magazine - with asparagus and artichoke and cherry tomatoes and chard - would make a pretty, peculiar, (not to mention palate-pleasing) summer substitute.

In other news, how was your weekend? I've just returned from a camping trip at an airfield in Brooklyn with two-hundred other people - I'll share more about it this week! In the meantime, happy Monday...


  1. Those are so pretty!! For my wedding bouquet I had fiddleheads and a coffee plant. We also thought about artichoke and asparagus, but I love the way it turned out!

    These are gorgeous! I wonder if having them around the house would make me eat more vegetables? :)

  2. I had a great weekend! Ran around did some shopping.

    These are pretty cool!! I love the pop of red the cherry tomatoes give.


  3. Beautiful! This is giving me such great ideas for birthday bouquets.

  4. Gorgeous and unique! Do you know if they last as long as ordinary flowers?


  5. Tara, sounds so beautiful!

    Emily, so do I - such a great idea.

    Nicole, I don't! But I'd guess that an artichoke would be pretty hardy, as would raw asparagus...but that's just a guess!

  6. love the artichoke. unexpected and unexpectedly delightful!

  7. These are unexpected and totally awesome. I had a decent weekend, despite a little meltdown yesterday over GRE stress.

  8. I love these so much! I had hoped to have herbs in my wedding bouquet, but it didn't really work out (I did have all seasonal flowers though - no hothouse stuff for me!).



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