Sweet Thing: Toby's Estate.

Anyone who works from home will tell you how important it is to have a place like Toby's. I've parked at one of those little round tables for the better part of many an afternoon - finishing work, paging through a book, soaking in the light from its gigantic front windows (a coffee shop so bright is a rarity). 

But if we're being honest, the real draw for me is the food. Most days, I order the avocado toast (drizzled with tahini and flecked with sea salt), or the yogurt if I'm feeling especially virtuous. Every now and then, though - try as I might to resist - I succumb to this.

Baked at Roberta's, one of my favorite restaurants from my old neighborhood, this sturdy little curlicue of a sticky bun may be gone in three bites, but it packs an exquisitely buttery wallop. Words can't describe how much I look forward to having one on certain slow-moving, cloud-cast days - so I'll let those sublime, glossy drips down the side speak for themselves. 

Read more about Toby's, here. Top image via Dwell.

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