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Listen & Love: LP.

As of yesterday morning, I hadn't heard of singer-songwriter LP. Eighteen hours later, I've probably listened to "Into the Wild" (see the video featured below) about a hundred times. For lack of a better description, this lovely lady is just the coolest. Her band is, too. And? The girl can whistle. Watch and see.

Visit LP's website, here. Buy her album, "Live at EastWest Studios", here.

Wishing you all a wonderful weekend. Also, if you have a spare moment in the next couple days, my very talented friend Chance (an animator on The Simpsons) has launched a Kickstarter campaign in support of "Little Billy," a brilliant new cartoon for kids with Tourette Syndrome, ADD, ADHD, OCD, and other special needs. If you can, please check out the campaign and show your support for a truly great cause.

Top photo by Tamzin Brown, bottom unknown.

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