This week on the Equals Record: thoughts on leaving pieces of ourselves behind in places we love (for me, one of those places is the purple house pictured below, where I lived the year before graduating college).

As always, a short excerpt: "I spent my last year of college living in the front room of a purple and yellow Victorian house not far from downtown Santa Cruz. Six of us lived upstairs, six or so more lived below. The house was old, rickety. It was terribly insulated (I remember laying in my bed one winter morning, almost in tears because I had to get out from under the covers). The bathtub didn’t drain properly and made strange, regurgitation sounds at random, often in the middle of the night. My bedroom had gray carpeting with bits of gum (not mine) stuck in its fibers. I loved that house."

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Bottom image via Pinterest. Please share if you know the original source - I'd love to give proper credit.

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