One With Nature.

These otherworldly snaps by French photographer Sophie Fontaine are a gorgeous reminder that there are only so many days left to spend outdoors before winter sets in - better make them count! Now to find a field of wheat to disappear into...

See more at Sophie Fontaine's FlickrTumblr, and Etsy shop ( I love that this print is called "Dreams Factory").

Wishing you all a happy weekend! I started mine early with a truly decadent day of eating: Roberta's, Diner, Pies 'n' Thighs. Any exciting plans on your end?


  1. These shots are amazing. Happy weekend too. I will be heading overseas for the start of my hols.

  2. Yes, I LOVE fall but winter can be hard. You know what I really don't like about winter? That because of the cold all my muscles get tense, then I have muscle contractures, so I have unexpected expenses (masseur) :)
    Have a lovely weekend. BTW, I loved your ER post (you may not believe it, but I spoke 'cat' too, and liked to speak it to my kitten because sadly my friends weren't so cool as yours...

  3. These pictures are magical, I love to see people connecting with nature!

  4. Have a wonderful time, Jo!

    Carol, haha! That's amazing. And thank you so much for reading - I really appreciate it.

  5. So lovely...I'd love to run through that field of wheat. Only if I wasn't celiac... haha

  6. OMG, "Pies & Thighs" that is a funny name...I'm guessing, chicken, but we all know what too much pie does. LOL.

    Happy weekend. Love the photos too...very sweet.

  7. I love this photos, are really cute!
    I have discovered your blog and it's really amazing. Thank you!

  8. Pretty!!

    I need to be real: now that fall is getting to the point where it turns to winter, I am getting over my autumnal nostalgia and am returning to a place where I am much, much more content to be sitting in 80 degrees than dealing with harsh winds and slush. =]

  9. These photos are so beautiful. I really love the stuff that you curate here Shoko. Always unique, and always makes me catch my breath.
    Ronnie xo



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