My Dad Takes Pictures.

Dave Healey is a Los Angeles photographer who's shot the old-fashioned way - that is to say, using film - for over forty years. Now, thanks to his daughter, Megan (who I'm proud to call a friend), his work can be found in the blogosphere, on the aptly-titled Tumblr My Dad Takes Pictures. Below are a few of my favorites, which feature Megan and her twin sister, Danielle, when they were little. 

A bit from Megan, as written on the site: "My dad has been taking pictures since the sixties, but for the past twenty years, he's worked in a darkroom and many of his beautiful images are hidden in boxes without an audience. I came home for the holidays and started scanning." So very happy she did. 

Photographs by Dave Healey. See more at My Dad Takes Pictures, here.

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