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Waves of Freedom.

Easkey Britton is an Irish artist, scientist, professional surfer and Ph.D. She's also the co-founder of Waves of Freedom, an organization that aims to empower vulnerable members of society through surf. Her efforts to bring the sport to the women of Iran (who will be the first ever in their country to surf) has been chronicled in the upcoming documentary Into the Sea.

According to the WoF website: "At the core of Waves of Freedom is how surfing can become a medium to empower those who are most vulnerable in society...surfing is not just a sport but a lifestyle and an art-form synonymous with freedom and creative self-expression. Waves of Freedom has grown from a belief that the ocean does not discriminate."

Learn more at Waves of Freedom, here. See also: Skateistan, a non-profit that teaches children in Kabul, Cambodia, South Africa, and Afghanistan to skate.

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