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Today: snippets from two recent features I was lucky enough to work on for Freunde von Freunden this winter. As it happens, the subjects of both interviews are my neighbors — the first is banker-turned-architect Huy Bui, who constructs beautiful wooden structures made to sustain plant life in cities. (I first wrote about seeing Huy's work, here.)

In response to a question about preferred vacation destinations, Huy replied: "I love to travel, but my work is a holiday. I’m very lucky. I’m happiest when I’m in my shop, making things. I have moments here that remind me of when I was a kid, five years old, playing with Legos. My parents would say, 'come down to dinner!' And I’d be ravenous. But then I’d think, wait, just a minute. I have to finish this."

The second feature spotlights Sam and Stefanie Wessner, a couple living just a few blocks from Huy's studio, in a one-bedroom apartment neighboring the East River. Sam is the co-founder of Manhattan's El Rey Coffee Bar and Luncheonette, and partner at Noble Denim and Victor Athletics. Stefanie is Projects Officer at the architecture and public health organization ARCHIVE global.

Says Stefanie about making a home in New York: "When we got here, we made a conscious decision not to entertain other options for a while, which was a challenge — but a good one. We've decided to try to just be present."

You can find more of my FvF interviews, here, and my "Meet the Contributor" page, here. Thanks so much for reading — have a wonderful weekend!

 All photos by my friend Emily Johnston.


  1. What an inspiring organization Stephanie works. All of them leads interesting lives. Thanks, Shoko for wonderful interviews!

  2. The plant cities are stunning!!

  3. Great interviews, Shoko. There are so many creatives out in the world, yourself included. It's so inspiring.

  4. So awesome Shoko and it makes me ponder, what interesting lives my own neighbours might lead! Every human has a story right?

  5. Thanks so much, Brianna and Julie!

    Fee, yes! Stories everywhere!

  6. Love all these stories. Stunning :)



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