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Every Monday, words to start the week. 

This week, from Bill Cunningham's On the Street: a video called A Breath of Fresh Air, which spotlights young artists unafraid of what Cunningham calls "off the wall, off the ceiling" thinking. The clip, which features photos taken at the Spring/Break Art Show on 31st Street, offers a joyful glimpse into a world teeming with ideas and intriguing new voices (a refreshing change for a generation so often and unfairly criticized for laziness and inattention).  "It gave me the greatest hope for our civilization," Cunningham says. "If you ever were despondent about the big business and branding of art and fashion, forget it. A new generation just opened the door to fresh air…these kids think for themselves."

A few more, just because:
-An archive of teenage bedrooms.
-Durer meets Drake.
-Bacon, blue cheese, figs, and dark chocolate — on toast.
-And lastly, though the Oscars are long past: "If Critics Wrote About the Male Best Director Nominees the Same Way They Wrote About Selma Director Ava Duvernay."

More recommended reading, here. Have a wonderful Monday!


  1. I want the mushroom hat.

  2. This whole post was a breath of fresh air :-D

  3. I just watched a Bill Cunningham doco the other week, I really knew nothing about him except I have a love of photography and docos and stumbled across it for those reason (or maybe I found it through a blog?!?). After watching it, it really made me rethink so many aspects in my own life - yup, Bill definitely got a new fan that day :)

    (those teenage bedrooms are such eye candy for me!)

  4. love the mushroom hat.. there are ones for little kids at ikea.

  5. This post is packed with so much good stuff. I think I need that toast in my life.



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