A Thing of Beauty.

Dawn Ng's A Thing of Beauty makes breathtaking landscapes of what she refers to as a "grand orchestra of stuff": door stops and fly swatters, dust pans and cleaning buckets — all items she's collected from Singaporean food shops and convenience stores. The resulting photographs reflect "the intangible value of commonplace items as fossils and emblems of people, places and memories…and helps us see a bit of ourselves in the things we keep." Makes you think a little differently about the contents of your supply closets, your kitchen cabinets, and the worlds contained in your home's dustiest corners. See more, here.

Have a wonderful Wednesday.


  1. So incredibly cool! Those colors!

  2. Ha! Sure made me to look things around me differently.

  3. I love how he defines it as a "grand orchestra of stuff". Very cool!

  4. Neat. Some people have such creative minds.



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