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Go, Gunther.

Gunther Holtorf is 77-years-old and has only just returned from a road trip that spanned more than two decades — 24 years to be exact. Over that period of time, he's visited 215 countries, traveled more than half a million miles, and contracted malaria five times — and he's done it all in the same car, which has been outfitted to include a mattress and storage space for everyday necessities. 

Initially, the trip was only supposed to last 18 months, but, as Gunther tells DW, "The more you [travel], the more you realize how little you have seen."

More, in the spirit of non-traditional travel: urban camping, life swaps, paying homage to fiction.

Visit Gunther's Facebook, here. Photographs: Gunther Holtorf/ via Daily Mail.

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