For Joy.

Keeping it short and sweet today with these black-and-white photographs by Tomas Januska. Part of a series called Gravity, the images depict men and women mid-jump. Says Januska, observing his soaring subjects: "It's as though they have returned to their childhood."

See more at Tomas Januska's website, here.


  1. So much joy! I love it. And as someone who has taken many failed jumping photos of friends, I am so impressed by the photographer's ability to capture them like this!

  2. Kathy, apparently some of them are professional dancers, which may explain their grace :) Impressive nonetheless!

  3. Jumping photos fascinate me, especially after breaking me ankle doing one :P I think my body is too scared to try again but my heart always says yes! Anyway, I always love seeing other people do them :)

  4. Really like these, so expressive!



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