Getting Dirty.

I used to be what my family affectionately referred to as "a secret slob," meaning that, based on outward appearance, I seemed neat and tidy and like I had my act together — but open the door to my room, and you'd find chaos: mountains of clothes and crafts and assorted childhood treasures, and me sitting happily in the midst of it all.

As an adult, I've cleaned up my act (somewhat), but in my heart of hearts, I still appreciate a good mess. So when Julia Robbs asked if I'd spend an afternoon at her apartment in Bushwick — rubbing my hands in black chalk, playing with shadows, cracking eggs all over her beautiful hardwood floor —I said yes.

A big thank you to Julia for letting me get messy for a day. See more at her website, here, and have a wonderful weekend.


  1. The photos look beautiful and I imagine they would of been super fun to make!

  2. Are you the one in the images, Shoko? I love them all!
    Ronnie xo

  3. I love these. Looks like fun to get messy!

  4. yay I love them! so fun to hear of your friend's work



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