Recommended Reading / 05.

Every Monday, words to start the week.

This week: I've always loved these two lists of beliefs, written by Susan Sontag as a child at 14, and as a young adult at 24. The former addresses themes of life and death, freedom, and government; the latter  extols privacy, culture, and old buildings. (Twenty-four-year-old Susan also lists sleeping, children, and meat as likes.) 

I love how the later list contains far fewer words. In many ways, I feel I take life less seriously now than I did at 14 or 15, and have less of an urge (and less time) to explain myself. I've changed in many others ways since then, too, but I do like to think that regardless of age, I'll always believe in adventure, and play, stories, mermaids

(See also: Susan Sontag on love and art and "doing stuff".)

Three more links, just because:
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-Mustache protectors and pickle forks: Victorian inventions that never took off.
-"Forget safety."

Photo by Annie Leibovitz. More recommended reading, here.

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