Masters' Machines.

I love this lopsided line-up of illustrious typewriters. With the exception of Cormac McCarthy's sprightly teal number, they all somehow seem to befit their owners. My favorite is Bob Dylan's; however, I'm not banking on owning it any time soon - according Booktryst, Hemingway's will fetch $60,000-$80,000, while McCarthy's sold for $254,500. (Thanks, Paris Review.)

More word-related reading:
-Expired, a photo series by Kerry Mansfield focusing on withdrawn library books.
-Ekaterina Panikanova's painted pages.
-Beautiful words = nightmarish mind?

Via Richard Kadrey. Have a lovely Thursday! New POV post coming tomorrow. 


  1. My favorite might be Tolkien's. Looking forward to tomorrow, as always.

  2. they all look pretty in their own way.each one of them was the instrument to produce magic.

  3. "Expired" is amazing! What a strange and lovely series. Thanks for sharing that - I might have missed it entirely!

  4. Oooh those are beautiful! I love typewriters. There is just something so amazing about clicking those keys.

  5. Nicole, thanks so much!

    Tara, I do, too. Mine's in storage at the moment but I'm looking forward to getting it back!

  6. They are beautiful. Nice as poster.



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