Father John.

Saturday night, as I mentioned earlier this week, I trekked to Philadelphia to see Father John Misty (formerly Joshua Tillman of Fleet Foxes) play at Union Transfer. I'd never heard his music before and was so happily surprised: folk rock mixed with shades of country and psychedelia, it was entrancingly beautiful and weird in all the best ways. I left dazed and a little delirious, dreamy, and with a T-shirt in tow. I'm a new fan. Take a listen below (the first two songs are my favorites).

Read more about Father John Misty, here. Photo by Josh Withers.

Any bands you've been listening to lately? Please share! My iPod is in need of updates. In the meantime, enjoy the weekend - and stay dry, East Coasters!


  1. love, Love, LOVE Father John Misty. I hope you liked J. Tillman's dance moves, too! He's pure magic. :)

  2. Nice...I like his music! You know you're a fan when you get a t-shirt. ;) BUT I didn't know he was from Fleet Foxes, who I like as well.

    I'm sorta behind the time with music lately. When in doubt, I always love me some Bruce Springsteen. Seriously.

  3. Oh, I will need to check him out! I love Fleet Foxes. Some music that is currently on repeat on my daily commutes on the subway:

    -Matthew and the Atlas
    -The Lone Bellows
    -Ben Howard
    -Ra Ra Riot
    -The National
    -Matt and Kim
    -Radical Face


  4. You were in Philly! Please drop me a line next time you're in town. I'd love to meet up sometime :)

  5. Shoko, I saw FJM when I was on a trip to Milwaukee a few weeks ago!! It was a totally serendipitous discovery when I opened up their local free weekly, since I was somehow going to miss him in both Boston and Portland. It was such a lucky break because that album was my personal soundtrack when I made my big move back east (/my only friend for a while there).

    I will never get over how wistful and weirdly hopeful Fun Times in Babylon is. And the "oooh" in Only Son of a Ladies Man gets me everytime!

  6. My husband and I were just introduced to a band called Lord Huron... check them out if you've never heard them before. Some of their songs sound a bit like Fleet Foxes. Here's a nice little diddy for you:

  7. I'm a music junkie, so I'll have to check him out. My computer won't play any music right now, for some odd reason, which is very frustrating.

  8. ABAD, best dancer in the universe.

    Rose, great one!

    Daina, wow! Thank you! So excited to give these a listen.

    Kristina, I would love that! I may be back at the end of the month - I'll definitely let you know!

    Sam, "Fun Times in Babylon" kills me.

    Anon, thank you so much! Can't wait to check that out!

  9. Love Father John Misty and Fleet Foxes! Fleet Foxes used to have a studio up here in my small town so whenever I hear them or FJM the music lends itself to my environment perfectly and instantly relaxes me. :) The new album from The National is on repeat currently in my house...

  10. the civil wars and the staves are current favorites (well, their albums are a few months old but i still listen often :-) ). new favorites: vampire weekend's new album, the wombats, wartime blues. enjoy!

  11. Josh & I used to go to bible study together when we were kids. He played in the church band back then... His dance moves have improved greatly.

  12. I was happy to read that you're a fellow John Misty fan! I also love his music (and dance moves!) and can't stop bloggin about him :)

  13. He is a riot! I just saw him live in Pomona & I enjoyed his rants in between songs just as much as his music. Definitely a must see and Fear Fun is solid gold.

  14. He is a riot! I just saw him live in Pomona and I enjoyed his rants in between songs just as much as his music. Definitely a must see and Fear Fun is solid gold.

  15. very great !
    a with a very great looking singer
    Roaaarr !!



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