Honeysuckle Syrup, Flowery Fritters.

In honor of what might be the nicest day we've had in New York this year, two recipes with a floral focus. In the first, Hannah of Honey & Jam makes syrup out of honeysuckle (it's "bottled summertime," she says). 

In the second, Mimi Thorisson batters acacia flowers ("that smell and taste like honey, with a hint of jasmine, bergamot and orange blossom") in milk and rum. They're then fried in oil and dusted with sugar. "The flowers usually bloom between ten to fifteen days, a very short-lived thrill," she writes.

For more on edible blooms, visit 101 Cookbooks and Bon Appetit. See also: mango with rose petals and seashore honey. Happy spring! 

Top photos by Hannah Queen of Honey & Jam. Bottom photos by Mimi Thorisson of Manger.

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