Kitchens Uncovered.

In what he calls a "combination of documentary and collage," photographer Erik Klein Wolterink strives to capture the secret lives of kitchens. His series, "Kitchen Portraits" (now a book), was shot in Amsterdam, in a diverse array of multicultural living spaces. 

"I wanted to make a project about the stuff we use everyday and decided to use the kitchen as a metaphor for a complex multicultural reality," Wolterink tells Slate, adding, "I can't cook...and I'm not really into kitchens. I'm interested in the way we live, our daily environment, what surrounds us, the everyday stuff we normally don't see or pay attention to."

Apparently, the photographer is looking to shoot kitchens around New York City in the coming weeks (more info about that on Slate). I wouldn't be brave enough to offer up mine - "I ask [my subjects] not to clean," says Wolterink.

Visit Erik Klein Wolterink's website, here. Thanks so much, Abbey, for clueing me in!

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