Graffiti Grammar.

UK tutoring company The Tutor Crowd is spreading the word about its services by doctoring the grammar and spelling in London street art. The results are then posted to the group's Tumblr feedThe word lover in me has to smile. 

See more, hereFound via Freunde von Freunden

PS: For fellow logophiles - serendipitous haiku; "strange and lovely" words; and quite possibly the sexiest line of poetry ever written (in my opinion, anyway).


  1. This is SUCH a good idea. And I love that the stickers and the colored tape they use to make the corrections are the same color.

  2. That's pretty great. Grammatically correct graffiti ftw!

  3. Oh my god, this is right up my alley! I once replied to a famous person's tweet correcting their grammar. Oops....

    That is definitely the sexiest line from a poem! Holy swoon!!

  4. Tara, yes, it's my favorite...

  5. This is great. On my way to check out more on their Tumblr.

  6. what a great way to teach young people!



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