Three things that made me smile this weekend: this "Anticlock" by Olivier Vadrot, 

this quote (found here - if anyone knows the original source, please share!),

and this face, which belongs to Henry, one of our family dogs. (I'm home in LA for the week, so I've woken up to this every morning since I arrived - lucky me!)

Speaking of LA, does anyone have any must-see, must-eat, or must-do tips? I'm here so infrequently, I'm pretty out of the loop. If there are any new shops or restaurants, or any attractions I just might not have heard of, I'd love to know!


  1. Go to the Huckleberry Cafe! It's awesome. And are you off Twitter now?

  2. Megan, thank you! Going to look that up right now! And thanks to your comment I just fixed the Twitter button on my sidebar. I changed my Twitter handle yesterday and forgot to make the adjustment. Thanks for the reminder! :)

  3. Pizzeria Mozza on the corner of Melrose and North Highland. Is amazing, but you need to make a reservation. It's owned by Mario Batali :)

  4. Awww .. Henry has such cute eyes~ and a great name~ =D

    Hope you're enjoying the sunny LA weather ..

  5. If you find yourself in Brentwood you must hit up Tavern! Have the "Tavern on the Green" cocktail - happy hour is 5 pm to 7 pm every day and the lamb meatballs are to die for.

    If you're looking to partake in nightlife, go to Surly Goat in West Hollywood - they have a great selection of beers, and a really fun, rowdy crowd (way less college-y than Main Street, Santa Monica).

    mon amy

  6. Oh man, there are so many things I want to share! I'll do my best to be concise. So, definitely have a meal (or three) at Canele, Abbot's Pizza, and Huckleberry Cafe (they have maple bacon biscuits here!). Proof Bakery and Jamaica's Cakes have really great baked goods. Cafe Tropical has an amazing guava and cheese pie, and Ricky's Fish Tacos are fantastic for, well, fish tacos! And no visit back to southern CA is complete without a trip to In-n-Out.

    Take a hike in Griffith Park, go to LACMA, and hang out at The Last Bookstore (there are always interesting characters there). I don't know how far a drive this would be for you, but it would be really cool to check out Caine's Arcade!

    For shopping, Urbanic Paper Boutique and A+R in Venice Beach are two places I get lost in every time, and Myrtle in Echo Park is great for clothes and unique jewelry.

    Have fun!

  7. Ahhh!!! I hope you're having the best time. Can't wait to call LA my home. :) xoxo

  8. Your dog looks so adorable! Glad you're enjoying family and home :) Have a great time and thank you for sharing your lovely finds - they put a smile on my face, too :)

  9. What an interesting clock and love the quote (I think it's true too :) I'm thinking where to check out, but I haven't left OC lately and updated.. If you have time to come OC, Laguna Beach & Crystal Cove is so beautiful :) p.s. Henry is so adorable! xo akiko
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  10. Nessie, I LOVE Mozza! Definitely one of my favorites! Have you had the butterscotch budino? Amazing!

    Amy, great recs - thank you so much! Can't wait to look them up!

    Kathy, wow! This is incredible - thank you!! I've heard of some of these places and I'm so curious about all of them - so much to do, so little time! I'm going to try to squeeze in a few :) Thanks again!

    Chelsea, ahh! Can't believe you're moving! Lucky :)

    Lisa, you are the sweetest. Thank you!

    Akiko, I'd love to visit Laguna sometime soon - I went when I was little and I remember it was beautiful!

  11. Yay LA! Have so much fun while you're here! The first thing I thought of was the Sprinkles Cupcake ATM in Beverly Hills:

    For obvious reasons.

    I STILL haven't been there, even though I really want to go check it out. Come to think of it, maybe I'll head over there this week I really want a cupcake.

  12. I love that quote on poor people, it is so true, and it's my reminder of how lucky i am with all these people in my life :)

  13. Rachel, I went today and it was so much fun! It SANG! Let me know if you end up going and we'll compare notes :)

    Sarah, I would love to! I'll email you and we'll set something up!

  14. Hi Shoko! Here are my picks: In Brentwood country mart- FarmShop is awesome for breakfast (their french toast is amazing) and it has great little bakery and cheese sections now. Sweet Rose Creamery around the corner from there is awesome for delicious small batch ice cream. Milo and Olive which is owned by the same people who own Sweet Rose and Huckleberry cafe just recently opened and I went tonight! They have great pizza and a great variety of appetizers and other dinner items (not to mention beautiful baked goods). If you haven't been to Bottega Louie it is like a freaking dessert wonderland. Ooh! And if you're into photography, there is an Herb Ritts exhibit going on right now that I've been dying to go to because I love him, at the Getty I think through August. I could probably go on and on but I've already written a novel, so those are my top picks right now :) Have fun while you're in LA!

  15. Amazing! Thank you so much, Ami! I've got these all written down - if I can't make it to everything, I'll try to get to the rest when I'm home again for the holidays! :)

  16. Don't know if you're still in LA but I'd recommend Last Bookstore in DTLA and then dinner and dessert at Bottega Louie. A hike at Charmlee in Malibu. Walk thru the Venice Canals and hang out on Abbot Kinney... We're planning on checking out the Herb Ritts exhibit at The Getty this weekend. Oh, and Rose Bowl flea Market is this Sunday! So much to do here! I love my hometown.:)

  17. Thanks for those recs, Nina! I LOVE the Rose Bowl flea - really hope to make it out there this weekend!



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