Math Magic.

How cool are these photos by Robin Moore, of high school students in the eighties learning math via string figures? (Read more about that from their teacher, James R. Murphy, here.) Growing up, I was never good at anything having to do with numbers - but I'm sure I would have loved this!

Wishing you all a happy weekend - what are your plans? Tonight, I'm getting on a plane and heading home to LA to visit family. I'll be there for ten days, and I couldn't be more excited. Sunshine, home cooking, these furry faces - ahh. I can't wait!

See you Monday!

Photos by Robin Moore. Via Wolf Eyebrows.


  1. Have an amazing time & enjoy the warm weather!! I love furry faces :)

  2. LOVE! As a kid I received many hours of math tutoring, but remained a hopeless case :) This method, however, would have resonated with me, I'm sure! Wishing you a good flight and a wonderful time in LA! How fun! P.S. such cute pets!

  3. Have a great trip! And please bring that sunny LA weather back with you. You should try and smuggle that cute pup back too!

  4. This math actually looks fun! Enjoy your trip to LA! Hope our weather stays warm for you. If you need any recommendations on where to go or feel like an LA Meet up let me know!
    PS You should really try Chego on the westside!

  5. Melissa, I will try my darnedest! :)

    Angela, thank you!! That is so sweet. I will let you know for sure!

  6. i used to love playing with these :)
    enjoy your trip to LA!
    xx j

  7. The fact that someone was creative enough to figure out a way to teach math using string figures is amazing. I wish Mr. Murphy was my math teacher!

    Safe travels to you, and have a wonderful wonderful time with your family and in LA! I'm going home (San Diego and LA) myself in a couple weeks to see family and friends, and I can't wait for walks on the beach, home-cooking, and Canele's baked pancake with the meyer lemon custard :-)

  8. Kathy, I do, too! And that's awesome about your trip coming up - I've actually never been to Canele but I've heard great things about it. Meyer lemon custard pancake?! I may have to squeeze in a visit :)

  9. Omg! your post reminds me when I was a child. It was funny!

    xoxo from M√ľnchen
    La Vie Quotidienne

  10. can't wait to see what you end up doing while you're here. welcome home!

  11. How great is that?! I loved playing with string like this as a kid, making cat's cradle and Jacob's ladder. I don't think I learned any math in the process, though!

  12. I loved these when I was growing the, ahem, 80s and 90s:)
    hope you're having a wonderful time in LA:)



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