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L.A. Eats.

Memorable meals from my trip to L.A. included a "New York breakfast sandwich" from Joan's on Third (still one of my all-time favorite L.A. eateries), a baked Meyer lemon custard pancake from CanelĂ© (many thanks to Kathy for the recommendation), and tacos from Loteria at the Grove. 

I also paid a visit to the much talked-about Sprinkles Cupcake ATM, which didn't disappoint. Did you know it sings?

But of course, home-cooked meals were the highlight. One night during my stay, I asked my mom to teach me how to make a Japanese chicken and egg dish called oyako-don, which is one of my favorites. As I've mentioned before, she's an amazing cook who makes everything look effortless. I did my best, but I'm not sure I'll be able to recreate it quite as well on my own!

Anyhow, it was fun to help. The dogs enjoyed my lesson, too. 

Thank you again to those of you who so kindly offered recommendations for my trip! I didn't have time to do everything, but I'm keeping a list for next time. On my future agenda: Huckleberry Cafe, Tavern, Chego, Proof Bakery, Sweet Rose Creamery, and Bottega Louie. Can't wait to visit again soon!

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