Mansion Music.

Argentinian musicians Hernan and Faca - perhaps better known to their fans as the band Polaco Sunshine - rehearse in a dilapidated Buenos Aires mansion under a curtain of shimmering gold, before a spellbound audience of tiny toy animals. 

These photos of the duo, taken by Siobhan Frost, caught my attention immediately. They're featured on Frost's website, Slanted Mansion, which documents creative homes and workspaces. 

"Garden space, random empty rooms and crumbling balconies are perfect for inspiring creativity," Frost writes of the mansion. 

Can't think of anything cooler. I'd love to have a music space like this in my future home.

See more at Slanted Mansion. Photos by Siobhan Frost. Found via Miss Moss.


  1. There is just something about dilapidated old mansions. And those high ceilings!! How eerily beautiful!

  2. That is so awesome. I want to know more people like these guys.

  3. Me, too - I'd love to meet them!



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