Citizens for Optimism.

Tuesday, March 20, 2012

A team of talented designers are challenged to create original work inspired by one word relating to optimism. The result? Citizens for Optimism. Below, a few of my favorites. (Oh, and while we're on the subject, a few things that have made me happy lately: going coatless on deliriously warm March days,  this movie, squinting in the sunshine at a McCarren Park picnic. What about you?)

"Life" by Joe Hollier. 

"Happy" by Min Choi.

Found via Jessica Comingore.


Akiko said...

This is such a inspiring post and love their works so much (The first illustration is so beautiful and the last one is so unique!). I'll visit their website after this. Thank you for sharing! xo akiko
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la vie quotidienne said...

Nice pics! Great job, is very interestant. I'm gonna see your link.
Thanks for sharing.

xoxo from M√ľnchen
La Vie Quotidienne

Lisa said...

What a cool project and such great designs! I can't wait to look at all the other ones as well :) I absolutely loved The Beginners and was so happy Christopher Plummer won an Oscar for his role - I find him amazing!

Amy said...

I love these quotes. A great way to start off my morning. The first one is really beautiful (I had to pin a handful of them!)

mon amy

megan said...

i love this, and i agree with amy, above: what a nice way to start a morning. thank you for sharing! :)

trishie said...

Beginners the movie is awesome. it made me smile too. the little dog is too cute

Shoko said...

The first and last ones are my favorites, I think. But really, I love them all.

angela said...

OH I like this!! Thanks for sharing!

Nina said...

I love the happy one!! Hope you have a lovely weekend, Shoko! :)



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