Happy Friday.

Friday, March 30, 2012

I couldn't be more thrilled for the weekend - my brother, Max, and sister-in-law, Margaux (that's us in the photo below), are in the city for a visit.

This means lots of eating (last year, we embarked on a culinary whirlwind that included hibiscus doughnuts, chai tea sticky buns, duck rillettes, pork sandwiches, wild mushroom risotto, and banana cream pie - all in the course of a single afternoon). I'm also hoping to persuade Margaux to join me on an adventure for my new series - the only question is, what to do?

Until next time, a few dreamy links to start the weekend:

-A beautiful California-themed scarf.
-Cloud mobiles.
-The final post of Bri's March style series - delighted to have written the captions!

Have a great one! Photo by Max Wanger.


Taylor said...

Food is good. Especially the really strange and unusual kind!

SreeBindu said...

cool :) love the color and liveliness. hugs.

la vie quotidienne said...

Adorable pics!
Enjoy the weekend!

xoxo from München
La Vie Quotidienne

the southern hostess said...

All that eating sounds like my kind of weekend. Have a great time together!

Lisa said...

Shoko, I LOVE this photo! The two of you are absolutely beautiful! Wishing you a wonderful time with your brother and sister-in-law; it sounds like a fun weekend! I also can't wait to see which adventure you and Margaux decide to embark on ;)

rebecca said...

you guys have fun!

ps: you could learn to do the trapeze? trapeze school on 30th near the Hudson.

Amy Turman said...

Enjoy your weekend - that reminds me of the relationship that my sister, boyfriend and I all have. We enjoy eating and exploring. It's nice to get along with your sibling's other half (or have them get along with yours!).

mon amy

lucy pachia said...

you are beautiful! embarking on food adventures are always fun.

Nina said...

Such a lovely, happy moment! Hope you have a wonderful weekend! xoxo

Chelsea C. said...

Yay weekend family visits! Have a ball and a gorgeous time! And I'm totally on board with Becca's trapeze idea... I dare you.

angela said...

Love your captions! Have a great weekend!

Shoko said...

Thanks, everyone! Hope you have a wonderful weekend, too.

Amy, indeed - it's a wonderful thing!

Lucy, thanks so much!

Becca and Chelsea, trapeze is such a great idea. I've always wanted to try it!

Angela, thank you - it makes me so happy to hear that!

Kimia Kline said...

love me some sibling time :) have so much fun with them...and im sure amaaazing photos will come from the visit!

{Liana} said...

Happy weekend to you! Enjoy your culinary adventures:)

Akiko said...

Sounds like a great weekend with lots of eating! I'm doing the same in japan now :) Can't wait to see the photos. Have a great weekend, shoko! - xo akiko
Style Imported

Dawn said...

Shoko, I've been following for awhile and this is my first time commenting. Great blog you have here! Have you been to the Momofuku restaurants? I think you'd like them. Another blog I follow recently asked for New York recommendations and got a ton of good ones. http://www.sending-postcards.com/2012/03/yipee-back-to-nyc.html Actually, their blog kinda reminds me of yours they have a list of stuff they're crossing off around the world like your adventure series!! Have a fun time!!

Shoko said...

Dawn, thank you so much for the recommendations, and for being such a loyal reader! I've been to Momofuku Noodle Bar, but not Ssam - though I'm dying to go. Can't wait to check out the link above - heading there now! :)

Jennifer Young said...

Love the photo! Hope you had (are having) a blast with the fam. You + Margaux seem so sweet together. I'm excited to be getting a sister in law this year! :)

Shoko said...

Jen, sisters-in-law are the best!

Joanna Goddard said...

what a cute photo:)



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