Sweet Thing: Big Gay Ice Cream.

The first time I tried Big Gay Ice Cream, I'd just moved to New York and was midway through an afternoon of ice-cream tasting around the city (just another day in the life of this dessert fanatic). 

Back then, the ice cream was being served from a truck by charismatic co-founder - and bassoonist! - Doug Quint. (Pictured above is the vanilla ice cream with curry powder and ginger syrup that I ordered that day, per Quint's suggestion.) Now, two years later, Big Gay Ice Cream is a bricks-and-mortar shop on East 7th Street, one of my favorite food destinations in the city. The shop is tiny - but not so tiny that there isn't room for a bedazzled unicorn mural on the main wall (and yes, that's a portrait of Bea Arthur she's sporting around her neck).

Spurred on by NYC's recent abundance of springtime sunshine, I've already visited twice this week. Yesterday afternoon, I tucked into this spectacular creation, the Monday Sundae: chocolate and vanilla soft serve heaped inside a Nutella-smeared waffle cone, enrobed in whipped cream and dulce de leche, and flecked with sea salt.

Since Big Gay Ice Cream is known for unusual toppings - cayenne pepper, wasabi pea dust, sriracha, elderflower - this delectable treat was relatively tame; next time, I'm looking forward to trying something a little more adventurous. The Mexican Affo-gay-to? The Gobbler? The Cococone? I'm ready. Viva spring!

More from my Sweet Things series, here.  Middle photo by Donny Tsang via Big Gay Ice Cream.

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