Wild & Free.

With its patchwork houses dotting over 7,000 acres of Northwest Spanish mountainside, Matavenero is something of an eco-village paradise. Once abandoned, the village is now inhabited by a community wishing to preserve its lush surroundings, and who rebuilt its ramshackle houses and instituted cable transport for more convenient access. I've always loved alternative living spaces (case in point: these staggering Swedish tree houses I was lucky enough to cover for VICE), and these photos by Kevin Faingnaert have been perfect daydream fodder for this hot, humid NYC Thursday. See more — including villager portraits— here.

Visit Kevin Faingnaert's website, here. New POV to come tomorrow!


  1. Ooh I love the eccentric combo of colours and building materials. Always have respect for peeps doing it differently - your article on the treehouses was awesome too!

  2. oh my. these are so beautiful.

  3. You always come up with the most remarkable of pieces to share with us, Shoko - thank you! It's forever a pleasure to hop over here and read what you have to say :)



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