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Every Monday, words to start the week. 

This week via GQ: Stephen Colbert, on embracing discomfort:

"I like to do things that are publicly embarrassing, to feel the embarrassment touch me and sink into me and then be gone. I like getting on elevators and singing too loudly in that small space. The feeling you feel is almost like a vapor. The discomfort and the wishing that it would end that comes around you. I would do things like that and just breathe it in...Nope, can't kill me. This thing can't kill me.

 Find the full story by Joel Lovell on GQ, here. Photo by Sebastian Kim.

A few more, just because:
-Make, don't buy.
-A German book critic reviews the Ikea catalog.
-Millennial (female) morticians offer a thoughtful reexamination of death.
-My First Time: a video series featuring writers discussing the early stages of their careers. Each is "a portrait of the artist as a beginner and a look at the creative process, in all its joy, abjection, delusion, and euphoria."
-From Kurt Vonnegut, found via Jesse Chamberlin: "Here we are, trapped in the amber of the moment. There is no why."

More recommended reading, here. Have a wonderful Monday.


  1. Looking forward to Stephen's return. As Stephen.

  2. Oh I love that thought of putting yourself in uncomfortable/embarassing situations and realising that you do not in fact die :)

  3. Haven't heard that Vonnegut quote in such a long time. It's like seeing an old friend again. And, that Colbert article is just wonderful. I didn't watch his show regularly, but I've always thought he was a great public figure. Bookmarking that article for multiple reads in the future.



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