Globe Plotters.

For tired eyes on a Tuesday morning: a dose of old-world magic courtesy of London-based globemakers Bellerby & Co. Founder Peter Bellerby — whose globe-crafting journey began after an unfruitful search for a suitable model to gift his father —outlines the arduous process of licensing, programming, molding, balancing, and goring here. It all sounds very complicated to be sure, but wow. They make it look good.

Visit Bellerby & Co. for more information. (Their Instagram, predictably, is incredibly beautiful, too.) Via My Modern Met.


rachael said...

"goring"? i'm in! :) haha

burntfeather said...

gosh their studio is breathtaking too!

Kathy said...

I had no idea this was how globes were made...or that globes are still being made! (I'm so glad they are - these are beautiful).

LeeLee said...

That is amazing. Love the detail that goes into making these.

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