Recommended Reading / 40.

Every Monday, words to start the week. 

This week: a short film about Neil Harbisson, a colorblind artist with a surgically-implanted antenna that allows him to hear color.  Harbisson hears hues of cities, the sky, human faces. (As it turns out, people, no matter their skin tone, are all varying shades of orange.) "Now that I can hear color," Harbisson says, "I can relate [sounds] to an object or a color. When I hear the G sharp of a taxi...that, to me, is related to limes. It sounds just like a lime." Watch (and hear) more at The Atlantic. Film by Greg Brunkalla; photo by Lars Norgaard for The Guardian. 

Three more, just because:
-Posing with polar bears: a long-lost pastime
-Watermelon ice cream that's coconut-based and exquisitely colored.
-Teju Cole's commentary on New York Magazine's coverage of the Cosby case is impressive and important: "We must fight rape culture, even in its allegedly mild manifestations, we must be grieved with the grief of those who commit the crime and those who benefit from a world built on such crimes, we must oppose men who wade in with stupid explanations and caveats and distractions, we must surrender the poisonous sentimentality that makes us believe a 'great artist' over a less well-known woman."

More recommended reading, here. So happy to be returning after a short break while I was traveling with family — and looking forward to sharing more about the trip tomorrow. Have a wonderful Monday in the meantime!


  1. such cool stories.

  2. What a fascinating guy - it seems he has such an appreciation for the World around him which is super lovely oh and Welcome Back!!!



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