Moving Music.

In 2010, Dotan Negrin quit his 9-5 job, purchased a moving van, and began traveling the world with an upright piano and his dog, Brando, in tow. "I was unhappy and frustrated with the way the world works," he writes. "I spent two years after college jumping from job to job without really feeling like I was moving forward. I wanted to figure out a way to make a living doing the things I am most passionate about: music, traveling the world, and meeting people."

Years later, he's visited 300 cities in 21 countries. Of his early days on the road, he says, "Every day I was meeting at least 30 people and would have conversations and people would invite me to their houses and I would have dinner with their families. It was such a gratifying experience. I wasn't making any money. But it showed me the world. It showed me there were other ways to live rather than how people tell you."

Beautiful. See more on Dotan's website and Instagram.

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  1. What an awesome and inspiring guy, I love that thought that you can live life in a different way to what's expected :)



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