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This week, via Nowness: Notes on the Gaze, the first in a female-directed, four-part series on the "emotional and storytelling power of clothes". In this installment, Chelsea McMullan investigates what it means for women to admire other women on the street. "If the male gaze wants to possess, or overcome a fear of, women, then what do I want?" she writes. "I think I want to be other women, to feel what it would be like to change bodies; to have a different hair texture, eye color, or body shape; to see myself through the eyes of other women."

"In more recent years...I've realized the power of smiling at another woman," says an interviewee. "This culture is so hostile that it's stolen our ability to look at each other...I think to take that back, and to smile, and not feel like there's anything wrong with admiring the way someone looks in their skin and in their clothes is really beautiful."  Watch the video, here.

Three more, just because:
-Love peeking into Windows of the World. (See also: Coffee Cups of the World .)
-Candy kebabs.
-From Steinbeck, favorite words on the importance of slowing down: "Don't worry about losing. If it's right, it happens. The main thing is not to hurry. Nothing good gets away."

More recommended reading, here. Have a very happy (late) Monday.


  1. Love notes on the female gaze! Thought provoking, also candy kebabs look amazing why haven't I had one yet.

  2. yay for smiling and those fantastic windows :) And I love that...nothing good gets away!



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