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Recommended Reading / 38.

Every Monday, words to start the week. 

This week, from Letters of Note: a letter written in 1965 from artist Sol LeWitt to Eva Hesse. Hesse, also an artist, was struggling to create (sounds familiar). In friendly response to her dilemma, LeWitt wrote, among other things:

Learn to say "Fuck You" to the world once in a while. You have every right to. Just stop thinking, worrying, looking over your shoulder, wondering, doubting, fearing, hurting, hoping for some easy way out, struggling, grasping, confusing, itching, scratching, mumbling, bumbling, grumbling, humbling, stumbling, numbling, rambling, gambling, tumbling, scumbling, scrambling, hitching, hatching, bitching, moaning, groaning, honing, boning, horse-shitting, hair-splitting, nit-picking, piss-trickling, nose sticking, ass-gouging, eyeball-poking, finger-pointing, alleyway-sneaking, long waiting, small stepping, evil-eyeing, back-scratching, searching, perching, besmirching, grinding, grinding, grinding away at yourself. Stop it and just DO.

Amazing. Find the letter in its entirety, here.

Three more, just because:
-The world's oldest person just turned 116 this week. Her secret? Sleep.
-The makings of the perfect cake for summer: figs, honey, mascarpone, pistachios.
-From Georgia O'Keefe: "I've been absolutely terrified every moment of my life — and I've never let it keep me from doing a single thing I wanted to do."

More recommended reading, here. Have a very happy (late) Monday.

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