Taste the Rainbow.

As a writer, I've spent a lot of time wondering about words: the sound of them, the look and feel of them, the shapes they make and the images they conjure. (Robert Pirosh captures this fascination to a tee here.) "What's the texture of 'anger'?" an old English teacher asked once. "If each season had a scent, what would it be?"  

With a six-part collection she calls COLORS, ice cream maker Jeni Britton brings a similar curiosity to the culinary world: when you see a color, she asks, what do you think you will taste? To her mind, for starters, the building blocks of velvet green are spirulina, lemongrass, and coriander. The sprightliness of yellow comes from lemons crushed whole. And the mysteries and many layers of black are laced with sea salt, licorice, and a splatter of dark chocolate. See more, here.

See also: pencils for dessert; edible forests; pickable, lickable chocolate walls.

Have a happy Thursday!

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