Dictionary, Doctored.

Fascinated by the work of Tokyo craftsman Nobuo Okano, who manages to restore a worn, 1000-page dictionary to its previous glory in the span of an afternoon. Equipped with pliers, paper cutter, and a bubblegum-pink iron, Okano repairs the book entirely by hand, just in time for its grateful owner to pass it on to his college-bound daughter.

See more at Demilked. New POV coming this weekend Monday!


julie said...

Wow! Somehow this is fascinating. Special gift to daughter once father used in his school days. I love this. Thank you for finding this.

Kathy said...

This warms my heart. I can only hope that if I ever pass down an old book to any future children, that this art won't be obsolete. Thank you so much for sharing this!

burntfeather said...

I loved when the YN got removed "Sayonara" could definitely understand that bit :) I really love that instead of throwing it out, he decided to seek out someone to restore it and the fact that there exists someone to restore it - makes my heart melt :) I think I may of going a little crazy if I had to fold over 1000 corners though - much respect to Nobuo!

Bekka said...

I watched the entire video, this is so good!

Tiffany said...

That is so sweet and lovely!

Shoko said...

Fee, I loved that, too!

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