Dreams In Color.

When Megan and I went to Dia:Beacon two summers ago, we spent what felt like hours staring at Agnes Martin's ethereal pastels, which reminded us of sun-faded fabric and the beach. If we looked at this every day, a man nearby wondered aloud, would we start to dream in these colors? I thought about that when I spotted Toshitaka Aoyagi's Color project on Another this weekend. The installations are made using white shelves with neon accents applied in such a way that the surfaces look lit from below, like a sunrise.

More from the artist on Behance, here. More about Color on The Fox Is Black.

And while we're at it, here's a quote from Agnes Martin that I stumbled on yesterday in my googling and loved: My paintings have neither object nor space nor line nor anything - no forms. They are light, lightness, about merging, about formlessness, breaking down form. You wouldn’t think of form by the ocean. You can go in if you don’t encounter anything. A world without objects, without interruption, making a work without interruption or obstacle. It is to accept the necessity of the simple direct going into a field of vision as you would cross an empty beach to look at the ocean. More here, and here, and here.


  1. I was instantly attracted to this color project. Love it.

  2. love this project and also megan's blog is awesome thanks for sharing it!

  3. I could get lost in these colors. And I still have yet to get to Dia:Beacon. Someday...

  4. Natalie, you'll love it! And Kathy, you'll love that, too!

  5. Pastel rainbow sunset goodness, I'm sold! :) :) My brain is feeling a little foggy to appreciate that quote in full but I like this idea of the ocean looking like a blank space - even if you swim in it you could potentially spend all your time only feeling the water against your skin but we all know oceans are more complex then they appear and I guess why some people carry a fear of what's lurking beneath.



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