Nest We Grow.

Nest We Grow is a wooden structure in Hokkaido, Japan built to encourage community-wide sharing of food. A collaboration between Japanese architecture firm Kengo Kuma and a group of environmental design students from UC Berkeley, the timber framework borrows inspiration from Japanese larch forests, encompassing an environment that allows for the sustainable growth and preparation of local foods.

The team writes, "The program of the Nest is decided according to the life cycle of these local foods: growing, harvesting, storing, cooking, dining, and composting, which restarts the cycle. All members of the community help to complete each stage, allowing the structure to become a platform for group learning and gathering...throughout the year." I'd love to see this in person — and have a seat at that sunken fireplace, pictured below.

See more at Arch Daily. Many thanks to Ignant for the introduction.


  1. How perfect, I like the community aspect of it and also just how damn pretty it looks too :)

  2. Oh this is my favourite! Just look at it!

  3. I want to live here. Thank you so much for sharing this!

  4. i want to visit this place too and thank you for discovering this!



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