Various Projects on FvF.

Very happy to share my latest feature for Freunde von Freunden, which went live a few days ago. The interview is with Elizabeth Beer and Brian Janusiak of the design studio Various Projects — they're owners of the store Project No.8 (which has a location in Manhattan's Ace Hotel), creators of a tremendously well-received line of key tags, and the brilliant minds behind a collection of hand-knit birds (including one made exclusively for FvF). They're also wonderful people with whom I feel so lucky to have spent an afternoon. I just fell in love with them, I've told countless friends since.

At one point in the interview, I asked the two whether they could have predicted the course their lives and careers had taken. "No," said Brian. "None of this was planned, really. It just happened. We both tend to make it up as we go along. Sometimes that works and sometimes it doesn't, but we do everything very earnestly. Our process, I think, involves a lot of stumbling through things."

Photos by Brian W. Ferry. Find the complete interview on Freunde von Freunden, here.


  1. What a wonderful interview! Readig along, you asked them the exact my next question. I got to check their stores next time in NY. Great job!

  2. So special! I love this!

  3. I wish my regular laptop keyboard had emojis. My comment would be a long series of thumbs ups! This interview was so great! ::hand claps::

  4. Sam, as do I. Heading there today, in fact!

    Kathy, thank you!

  5. How fun that your life gets you to encounter lots of different creative, I'm sure inspiring in the meeting/colab process :) One look at their knitted birds (especially love their pigeons) tells me that they're awesome folk :)



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