See-Saw Snacking.

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Though perhaps not the most practical pick, this see-saw table by Dutch designer Marleen Jansen would certainly make a very entertaining addition to any living space — and would force those seated to be completely present at mealtime (no texting, fidgeting, or excusing oneself early). Could be great for children — or as a tool for couples therapy. See more at Marleen Jansen's website, here

Photos by Wim de Leeuw.


  1. This is just too great. I could also see this being potentially wonderful (or awful) on a first date.

  2. Fun. It would be an interesting social experiment, to see how present people can be during a meal.

  3. Haha! Couldn't believe this when I saw it.

  4. This is ridics. And awesome. I'm gonna have to show this to Toby (with the not-so-hidden agenda of getting him to build me one, haha).

  5. maybe you're perfect match would then be someone of similar weight :P



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