Recommended Reading / 13.

Every Monday, words to start the week.

This week, from Haruki Murakami's The Wind-Up Bird Chronicle: A reminder that entire worlds exist beyond the ones we see and experience and claim as our own. 

“What we see before us is just one tiny part of the world. We get in the habit of thinking, this is the world, but that's not true at all. The real world is a much darker and deeper place than this, and much of it is occupied by jellyfish and things.” Found via.

Three more links, just because:
-Gingerbread terrariums.
-A life in injuries.
-Twelve thinkers on the books that changed them.

More recommended reading, here. Have a happy Monday! (The photos above, by the way, are from Thanksgiving weekend in Maine, which was every bit as beautiful as expected.)

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