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Every Monday, words to start the week.

This week: a beautiful blog post by Sam Shorey on laying claim to the cities we live in (and the fear of loving a new place after experiencing the pain of leaving the last). I've always felt an urge to hang on to the cities I've called home, and though I live in Brooklyn currently, I find myself missing it every now and then, as if I've already left. In her post, Sam — who recently moved from Amherst to Seattle — wonders: how long can you live in a place before you say you're from there? Read more on Ashore — one of my longtime favorites — here

A handful more, just because:
-The first-ever weather forecast. 
-Awful Library Books, including Practical Muskrat Raising, Be Bold With Bananas, and Help, Lord — The Devil Wants Me Fat. (Thanks, Messy Nessy Chic.)
-Pinning Pablo Neruda like crazy: boom, boom, boom.

Also, a few posts I've done elsewhere:
-Beautiful NYC shop interiors.
-Off-beat gifts and unusual wrapping paper finds.
-Global comfort foods (and how to make them).
-The beginning of an ongoing destination-based book series.

More recommended reading, here. Happy Monday!


  1. Such a thought-provoking piece. Thank you for posting it!

  2. awesome. love her blog...

  3. Amazing! And I love the Neruda words!

  4. Love the piece from ashore. I've lived in Reno for more than a year and it still doesn't feel like home. I pretend it's home because nowhere else feels like home either.

  5. Brianna, sometimes home is something you stumble on —I think you'll find it soon enough!



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