We Never Met.

If it's possible to be in love with an Instagram account, then I'm head over heels for We Never Met, an account started by Ogilvy London's Alex Mendes and Hugo Catraio. The feed features photos of strangers on the street, captioned by an imagined backstory. In the pair's own words, it's "a series of conversations we never had. Short stories created for random strangers whose faces we never get to see." Amazing.

They have been in this in and out relationship for the past couple of years. He loves her more than anything, but the Lambretta can be truly selfish sometimes.

Whenever he's feeling blue, he'll enter a cheese shop and say "surprise me."

He has 521 friends on Google Plus. He doesn't know he has Google Plus.

Every now and then you'll find him dressed overly formal. That means he hasn't done laundry for a while.

He likes to say goodbye using words such as "ciao" and "au revoir," but is never prepared when people who speak other languages reply.

Found via Fast Co. Find We Never Met on Instagram, here.


  1. Officially 100% obsessed with this Instagram account. Thank you for sharing! (going back to scroll through more pictures now)

  2. Kathy, enjoy it — it's such a gem.

  3. amazing! just followed.



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