Happy Holidays.

A few Decembers ago, when asked about my wishes for the coming year, I remember saying that I had only one: I wanted there to be twists to the story, so that by year's end, the world looked different. That's been my wish every new year since, and I can't think of a better example of it coming true than these past twelve months. Aside from the fact that those who populate it remain the best friends and family imaginable, my world has transformed in unpredictable ways. I hardly recognize it sometimes — but I like to think that's a good sign.

 Thanks so much, as always, for sharing the journey with me.

Photos via my Instagram, or Nick Runkle's.
I'll be spending the next two weeks with family and friends in LA, Joshua Tree, and Portland, OR, and will be taking a short break from blogging until the first week of January. I'm looking forward to catching up then; in the meantime, a few links to pass the time:

 -All aboard the Jellyfish Barge.
-A winter shandy made with maple syrup and ginger beer. 
-Comparing hip hop imagery to pre-16th century art. Brilliant.
-Max's many window seats
-What happens when little girls make over their mothers. 
-30 Great Memoir Essays
-Those who weren't in NY for Emily Johnston's What It Was can now view the images on her website. -Favorite shop discoveries of 2014: 1 2 / 3
-Some of my favorite interviews of the year (and of my career) can be found here
-And lastly, words from Paul Coelho for the new year: You will never be able to escape from your heart. So it is better to listen to what it has to say. 

A few favorite POVs from this year: 
-On (not) asking permission.
-On the best feelings in the universe.
-On being here.

Wishing you the happiest holidays, and thanks so very much for reading. It's been a highlight of this year — and every year for the past three — having the opportunity to get to know such a wonderful and inspiring community here. Thank you for your kind words, your support, and your friendship (online and otherwise). See you in 2015.


  1. love your new years resolution and the thought about listening to your heart (I'm going to try and trust mine more next year!) Thanks for being an awesome source of inspiration for myself - I hope you have a great break over Christmas!

    Catch you on the flipside :)

    Oh and I love the make-overs, I feel the mum with her lips painted in two tone is sure to be the next fashion trend of 2015!

  2. Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Enjoy your break!

  3. What a wonderful journey this year brought to you. Thank you for sharing. You are one honest, inspiring person.
    Happiest Holidays to you!

  4. Happy holidays, Shoko! Wishing you love and light in the new year - holler if you need any portland recs <3

  5. Happy Holidays Shoko! Have fun out west and can't wait to see what you have in store for us in 2015! :)

  6. Haaaappy Holidaaaaays! Everyone is going to Joshua Tree, it seems...including myself over New Year's! I hope you're having a wonderful time with family! Here's to 2015, and some more bends in the road.

    Also, when you are in Portland, stop by Portland Apothecary. SMELL EVERYTHING!

  7. have a wonderful trip!

  8. Thank you all so much!

    Fee, I certainly hope it is :)

    Kaitlin, I will for sure! Can't wait.

    Kathy, will definitely do! And you're going to be in Joshua Tree, too? What are the chances!

  9. That is a great thing to wish for.. and i'm happy to hear it finally came true. Happy New Year. Your blog is always full of inspiration.

  10. I can't wait to catch up and hear how your holidays went. Promise me if you're ever in Canada we will meet and eat bagels?

    Happy new year Shoko! Wishing you so many great things.

    xo! Dakota Barber



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