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Friday, April 25, 2014

Below, three shots in black and white of morning work sessions with these inspiring, creative girls (whom I wrote about here), and a few more in color of us and others, soaking in the first days of spring.

Have a wonderful weekend! On Monday, I head to LA for a week to visit family and attend the wedding of two of our closest friends - the next you hear from me, I'll be writing from there!

For kicks, five links:
-"Notes to myself on beginning a painting."
-Curtains made of scarves.
-DIY crowns for prom kings and queens.
-Great art in ugly rooms.
-Why aren't more restaurant critics female?

All photos by Jacquelyne Pierson, except for the second one down, by Emily Johnston.


Panda Head said...

INDOOR SWING! (have a great trip, but most importantly – INDOOR SWING)!

Shoko said...

Morgan, it's at the most beautiful store in the world, Beautiful Dreamers:

Bekka said...


Anonymous said...

Beautiful photos. Have an amazing time in LA.

Kathy said...

Had those been the crowns for prom court in high school, I might have been more jazzed about prom itself.

Happy weekend, happy spring, and safe travels home!

burntfeather said...

Love that photo of you on a swing - super pretty :)

Thanks for linking me! xoxo I also couldn't help but zone in one those cute lovers in your picnic shot!

Also every time I go thrift shopping I look at the scarf section in hope of making those curtains one day, they look so pretty all mismatched!

vanessa joie said...

that indoor swing... sigh! enjoy your trip.

Anonymous said...

Such beautiful faces!

Shoko said...

Fee, of course!

Elle said...




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